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Xzombieful has felt quite confused by the diagnosis of NEAD. You can see the clip she has loaded on to youtube about her experience here.
Patrick says: "I have had it for 4 years now and still don't fully understand it I feel so alone. The specialist diagnosed me and since then its like I’ve been thrown on the rubbish dump and left to get on with things alone".
Anne says: ‘‘I love the diagnosis, because that means there’s no brain damage . . . it’s just psychological"
Peter says: ‘my illness was given a name and I was not alone you cannot believe how wonderful it was to hear those words.’
Jane says: ‘Though strangely enough I have been "better" since having a diagnosis is this just me being odd???’
Mary says:’ I’ve been to 6 different hospitals and 4 of them thought I was putting this on, they kept me in, did the tests and because nothing showed up they assumed I was faking.’

How should I feel about the diagnosis?

See here for how stress can cause physical symptoms.

The most important thing to do after receiving the diagnosis of NEAD is try to learn more about the condition and understand what is causing your attacks. For more information on learning about the causes of NEAD and the best treatments see our Causes and Treatment pages.

Another obstacle to face after receiving the diagnosis is trying to explain it to other people.

Several people with NEAD have decided to show clips of their seizures on YouTube. If you want to see some examples of what NEAs can look like you can look at these clips. Please remember that there are many different types of NEAs and that your attacks may look very different. You may be interested in this clip as an example of what a seizure can look like.

For more information on what to tell people about the diagnosis of NEAD click here.


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