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arched back

Differences between non-epileptic attacks and epileptic seizures have been described for hundreds of years. This is a 19th Century drawing showing arching of the back which is more common in non-epileptic attacks

Tina says: ‘I do not seem to fit, just remain still although my eyes flicker rapidly. When I regain consciousness I am very disorientated, shivery, depressed, hurt, have a bad headache and tired. I usually have to take to my bed for up to 48 hours.’
Adam says: ’My attacks consisted of head jerking, arms and legs flaying, my hands and feet contorting so much that they hurt, losing control of my legs, I also used to go into a Trance, I could hear things around me but was unable to come around.’

What do non-epileptic attacks look like?





0.5 to 2 minutes

Often longer than 2 minutes

Pelvic thrusting




Eyes / mouth


Typically open

Often closed

Side-to-side head movement


More common

Tongue biting




Crying during the attack



More common

Talking during the attack


More common

To find out what it feels like to experience a NEA, click here.


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