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Eating well
Sally says: ‘At the moment the attacks are controlling my life as I have around 8 a day, it’s so scary and I feel so lost and confused. It's really difficult to cope with both my regular life and the attacks I am having now.’
Hannah says: ‘Thus medical advice has been to get on with life as normal, which in my case definitely was the absolutely best advice I could have been given.’
Alice says: ‘I've noticed that my attacks get worse when I am really anxious and panicky. The doctors have said that as well as having NEAD I also have panic/anxiety attacks.’
George says: ‘Self management and support from groups help the understanding process. Take each day at a time, I still write things down in my diary so if anything happens, I can look back and say, ah .... stress, work, fatigue and infections are my main triggers.’

What can I do to help myself get better?

As well as things you can do and things you can change about your lifestyle, there are also some things that you should not do. For information about what you could also stop doing to help get better click here.


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